Tim Fraser enjoys teaching undergraduates on a variety of topics, including renewable energy politics, environmental politics, disaster policy, research methods, and statistics.

Courses Taught (3)

Summer 2021

Quantitative Techniques (Quarantine Edition)

Spring 2020

Sample Course Materials

Tim talks with students at NU fair for recruiting undergraduate research students, Fall 2021

Teaching Assistant (2017-19)

  • Quantitative Techniques

  • Comparative Politics

  • American Politics

  • American Political Thought

  • Gender, Sexuality, & Policy

  • Disasters and Recovery in Japan

Research with Undergraduates and Masters Students

  • Japanese Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2020)

  • Disasters & Renewable Energy (2020)

  • Mayors & Renewable Energy (2020)

  • Hurricane Sandy Masters Capstone (2020)

  • Louisiana Parishes Masters Captsone (2020)

  • Hokkaido Earthquake Evacuation (2020)

  • Tohoku Recovery Committees (Fall 2019, Spring 2020)

  • Mapping Social Infrastructure (Fall 2021)

Public Policy Masters Capstone Teams advised

Working with Tim, students developed an online map of community spaces, places of worship, social businesses, and parks in Boston.

Disaster Recovery Committees after Hurricane Sandy

Together with Tim, students collected data on 600 members of local disaster recovery policy committees in NYC neighborhoods, and measured policy differences with text analysis.

Together with Tim, students coded Louisiana Parishes' recovery strategies after Hurricane Katrina, and tested effects on recovery with Synthetic Control Experiment. (Won departmental award!)

Teaching in the Field

Study Abroad Program Assistant (2018)

  • Course: Disasters & Recovery in Japan

  • Destinations: Tohoku, Kobe, Hiroshima, Tokyo

  • Led student research advising, translation, and trips.

Tim leads study abroad class visit to Ishinomaki, Japan, to learn about residents' recovery strategies

Class on Bullet Trains!

Our course team in action!